Bitcoin: A Strategic tool for civil resistance

Rahel BeyeneDecember 4, 202225982 min

Meron Estefanos is an Eritrean human rights activist who has dedicated her life to rescuing refugees from dangerous traffickers in Northern Africa. In Egypt alone, Meron has negotiated the release of roughly 30,000 refugees. She states in the panel discussion that between 2009 – 2013, Eritreans paid an estimated $1 billion in ransom to human traffickers. The average ransom is a staggering $33,000.00 per person.

A passionate and vocal advocate for refugees, Meron often appears on radio, television, and other media outlets to raise awareness of the suffering of refugees in Northern Africa.

She is currently working on the development of the Bitcoin Innovation Hub Uganda. The hub aims to equip local youth with practical skills to become sovereign individuals and will host local meetups to serve as a Bitcoin awareness and learning center. Ugandans face difficulty receiving remittances due to high fees and obstacles in obtaining ID cards.

Meron’s story is a powerful example of the fight for human rights and dignity in the face of extreme suffering and danger. She has devoted her life to advocating for the rights of refugees, often negotiating directly with traffickers to free innocent people from the clutches of human traffickers.

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