The Eritrea Project

Reclaim EritreaDecember 11, 202012245 min


 The Eritrea Project is an interactive, open Google Earth tour showcasing a timeline of events that we hope will help viewers better understand Eritrea, it’s connections to the horn, and its global impact.

This is an open and ongoing project that we hope encourages viewers to participate by: opening and editing the project, adding additional information, correcting any misinformation, and sharing feedback or suggestions.

To make changes to the project you will need to create a Google account. If you want to make changes to The Eritrea Project but don’t have a Google account, or don’t wish to create one, you can always leave a comment or feedback below. In addition, you can respond in the comments sections or our direct messages on social media.

We hope this experience continues to push the needle forward and encourages folks to build on the work that was done before us. Selam.

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